Xenon VC Dual Display

Xenon VC Dual Display

Advantages at a glance:

Application area: Large conference rooms
Small: 52 inch (approx. 132 cm) up to 65 inch (approx. 142 cm)
Large: 70 inch (approx. 178 cm) up to 90 inch (approx. 229 cm)
Special features: cable organization inside, height adjustable, camera shelf, 2 displays are used

Xenon VC Dual Display

The solution Xenon VC Dual is a screen holder, which is specially designed for large rooms.

The solution is suitable for screens ranging from 52″ to 65″. There is also a large solution for displays between 70 inches and 90 inches. The whole thing is possible with a maximum weight of 120 kg each. 2 screens can be used at the same time.

In addition to the mount itself, a camera mount is also built-in. This makes it possible to place your camera system perfectly.

The stainless steel column has a built-in cable guide as well as space for a power socket and several peripheral devices.

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